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Deutschkurs B2


About Instructor

Course Overview

Each lesson proceeds from an explanation of theory to application, helping you build a strong knowledge base as you discover how legal concepts are put into practice every day. In addition to clearly worded descriptions of real property concepts, we’ll identify key words and phrases and define them on the spot to help you comprehend them. You’ll also benefit from a wealth of additional materials including extensive real estate forms and practical applications of the lesson material.

Course summary

  • You’ll not only master the essentials, but you’ll receive hands-on applications and examples that will show you how to use this knowledge in a day-to-day real estate practice or in personal real estate investing.
  • By mixing explanation of legal theory with specific and practical examples, the instructor draws a balance between legal philosophy and legal practice.
  • You’ll soon see just how fascinating a topic real property law can be.


What it looks like


This test will reveal how well you are acquiring the new material based on a short test of twenty questions and a brief written assignment.

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Start am 1. März 2021
Dauer 25. Juni 2021
Level A2
Institut EuroStudy Münster
Freie Plätze 48
Preis 200.00 

48 vorrätig

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